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Install a qualified energy efficient furnace and save up to $1000 from The Gas Company.

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Southern California Edison (SCE) is offering up to $3,000 instant rebates towards heat pumps.

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City of Riverside is offering Rebates up to $1,900.00 on multiple steps of systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Cold Air Solutions difference is showing up on time, being presentable and professional, and following through the job the whole way. We’ll do whatever it takes to make you happy and comfortable in your house. What you can expect when you hire Cold air Solutions is that we go above and beyond the customer’s expectations to make sure they are comfortable in their homes, not just getting them cooling and heating but to give them a level of experience they’ve never had before. We strive to bring in the best, train the best and we push at every level to see success. At Cold Air Solutions, we do our best to give every customer 5-star service. In our industry, there are a lot of companies that don’t pride themselves in the customer experience where we are different in the fact that when we say we’re gonna be there, we’re gonna be there and we stand behind our work. We do whatever it takes to make sure the customers are satisfied and happy.

Do a quick inspection of your heating system. Check to make sure the power supply is on. Has a breaker tripped? Is the gas turned on? If you cannot find any problems with power or energy supplies, make sure the system is on and the thermostat is set high enough. Check the pilot light. If it is not lit, you’ll need to re-ignite it by following the instructions in your owner’s manual. If the problem persists, contact Cold Air Solutions and place a service call.

Typically, this means one of two things 1) Low airflow. This could be dirty filters, closed registers, undersized ductwork, blocked register by furniture or carpeting. 2) Low on refrigerant. This means you have a freon leak. You should never have to top-off or add freon to an air conditioner. You never add freon to your refrigerator and you’re a/c system is no different. If you add freon, you have a leak.

Limit your door opening. Do not use your setback thermostat. Close all shades/blinds. Make sure your filter is clean and all registers are open. Try to avoid using the stove/oven.

A service call means something isn’t right and needs immediate attention. We would schedule this with high priority and a technician would come out and diagnose the problem and then offer solutions. Annual preventative maintenance is cleanings on your equipment done every year in advance of there being a problem. They are designed to be done at low priority and usually scheduled way in advance of the work being performed.

Disposable filters should be changed every 1 to 3 months, depending on allergies, pets, etc. Media type filters should be changed every 6 to 15 months depending on usage and air quality.

New advances in air quality combine ultraviolet-light technology and high-efficiency air filters to combat air pollution in your home. The most overlooked solution, which also has the best results, is sealing your ductwork with Aeroseal.